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September 10

Why should I take a multi vitamin?

In today's foods we buy and consume the level of nutrients are lower then what we need. Over the past 60 to 70 years our farming techniques have gone from grow in field to grow for the masses. Many farmers are forced to use chemicals to speed up the process and this decreases the amount of nutrients in the vegetables and fruits. More recently the use of GMO seeds have now sparked an issue that is unknown but is already being contributed to health issues. These GMO grown foods have bacteria added to help prevent insects during the growing process. The United States of America has huge GMO growers while in Europe it is banned in most countries.

What is comes down to is that our bodies now lack the vitamins and minerals we used to obtain from eating our foods. Everyone should be taking a multiple vitamin that is all natural. This is hard to find these days as many are made with synthetic ingredients.

Look at a food based supplement, all natural ingredients.

September 26

No one can agree that fast food is good for you. Today facts about what the food does to our bodies within the first hour is scary. This industry has over run almost every town and is spreading around the world. Cheap low grade food that is loaded with sodium, fats, fillers and preservatives.

First our bodies and brain looks for the calories. Since these food has high counts of calories it quickly identifies with it. We now associate these foods with feeling good. Next our system is focused on the sodium and sugars. Most have HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) Our system is now confused as the sodium dehydrates our body. This is linked to high blood pressure, strokes and heart diseases. Going past the half hour of eating fast food we next hit the 'I'M HUNGRY AGAIN' thinking. This trick is based on the spike of sugar levels. The HFCS plays the major role as our GI system as our glucose levels are pushed down. An hour passes and we face the time our digestive system needs to process the food. Normal foods take a day to three days. While most fast foods take three days due to the high fat contains. So keep on driving when you the signs and low prices in the windows of these places.

Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

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