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October 1

Top fitness news for October is the need to read labels on our foods and supplements. Misleading words are commonly put on the front of labels and boxes. See what the ingredients actually are and what the number of servers is in the package. At first glance it may seem low fat or low calories but when you add up that the package has say four severing in it the number add up fast. This means that is they say 150 calories with 1.5g of fat and it has 4 severing then its 600 calories with 6g of fat total. This is a common problem with items at the grocery store and now has slide into health and nutrition stores too.

Read and see what the items in the list of ingredients you are identify. When you are reading and you can pronounce them or they are a very long word then you can bet that it is a chemical or synthetic. Many low end companies use them to keep cost down in production. This means you are getting low end or no real foods. Words that end in 'ate' are usually ones that are synthetic or man made. Avoid HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and artificial sweeteners like sucrose or aspartame. Natural favors and favors added are also ones to avoid when possible. Finally, food coloring in our foods is not needed as we can not taste yellow, red or blue colors. These are added to give us visual triggers and have no nutritional value. If anything it is working against us in our body as we eat such ingredients.

Supplement labels what to look for in all natural or man made

October 6

Trends today in knifes and other utilities being colored. This may look nice in your kitchen draws or on the table but when this coating of color starts to flake off it's ending up in you. Cutting away at your dinner table meats and putting small pieces of this colored coating into you are not good. We should avoid foods that have dyes in them to start off with. Many retails are pushing these sets for the holidays and when you walk by keep on walking. You and your families health should always be though of before any purchase. Items that cost less generally have lower grade ingredients in them. The same is for kitchen items when the price is so low and unbelievable the metals and coatings are mainly junk.... or close to it. Spending the extra few dollars now and keeping your health is the way to go.

October 30

Sugar is killing us slowly. As many focus on the number of calories or amount of fat consumed in a day or by the meal the fact is that sugar is the true issue. Our health is being skewed by ads and the media by focusing on the wrong nutritional factors. Have you noticed that isle after isle that fat reduced or fat free is the main wording on the packages. This have tricked us in thinking that I’m doing good by eating less fat and in fact your sugar level has either stayed the same or increased. We should have 7 servings a day of sugar not 40, 50 or more in a day. Look at the label of what you are eating or eat today. How many grams of sugar were in the foods you eat? Plus what you drank! Soda seems to be a good start but juice is also high in sugar. Both equally are bad for us. Now drinking options without sugar can be just as bad. Yes, diet drinks have artificial sugars which trick our bodies in storing sugars and/or fats. Look before you drink at what can be hidden in those funny and hard to pronounce ingredients. Make no mistake that if you are eating foods that are white that those turn into sugars as your body breaks down the calories. Breads, pasta, rice, cereals are just a few that go from calories to sugar and this again just adds to health issues. Baby formulas now are pushing sugars into them to help get you hooked on wanting sugar for your whole life. Again these are words on the label that you will not see clearly as they are marketed as some other scientific word or alternative name. Everyone today knows what High Fructose Corn Syrup is (HFC or HFCS) but do you even look to see if it’s in what you eat today? These processed sweeteners are playing havoc on our bodies. Fast food is another place that not only fat is bad, but sugar are high. Many fast food companies use sugar to flavor foods and trick your body into wanting more or larger quantities of what you are eating. Many fast food changes even put HFC on there salads to make them not only taste better but to last longer on there shelves. So eating “healthy” at the fast food chains can be just as bad for you as what is on the menu already. We need to focus on eating natural fruits, vegetables and nuts that have fiber and true nutritional properties. When fiber is accompanied with natural sugars in nuts, fruits and vegetables our body can process them in a manner that we can use them.

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