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November 17

Eating healthy around the holidays can be a fighting battle. If you are headed to grandma's house or a family member you are at the mercy of what they mix up for the feast. One good trick is to bring a dish that you like and is healthy.
People know that some may not be willing to eat meat or have allergies to foods. Avoid the white foods like bread, potatoes and stuffing. High carbs are instant pounds. Pile the plate up with color like carrots, broccoli, green beans or other greens. One plate is a good gauge to keep the over all amount of fats and calories to a minimum. We all look forward to the holidays but then all regret the weight we add on. Find the happy balance for yourself.

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November 22

Echinacea is this a worth anything to my health? This is a commonly found item in cheaper health and wellness products. Many will see this used in sport or energy drinks. This plant is part of the daisy family. There has been no backing scientifically to show that this plant helps you if you have a common cold. You may notice this item in tea as it is commonly used in 'sleepy time' blends. It is recommended to spend extra money on a better product.

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