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December 2

Yoga is a great way for everyone to increase flexibility and well being. Yoga studios and some local gyms are adding yoga classes that are open to all. Generally in a room with people of all ages. You will see young adults, middle-aged moms and dad to seniors. The body types of each will also vary and not an issue when you are doing yoga. Beginner classes to advance are set by times and instructor. Yoga at home using DVDs or streaming classes is also a popular way to join in. Many are finding yoga a way to gain over all wellness and relation. This usually focuses on beginners classes or formats. Advanced classes can be very intense and some even have session in 'HOT ROOMS.' This term means the room has been increased in temperature of 105 degrees with a 40% humidity level.

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December 10

GMO crops account for around 90 percent of corn and soy grown in the USA. This past July the H.R. 1599 (read it click here was passed also known widely as the DARK ACT. The House of Representatives passed this allowing manufacture to not label foods made with GMO foods. You are 'in the dark' now when buying your foods. Many organizations are still fighting this bill on state and nationwide basis. On a small but great way to show your support of having foods labels GMO or not is to boycott those big manufactures who use GMOs and wish to keep you in the dark for as long as you can.

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December 12

Workouts for females have been polled that if a male is present or watching she is likely not to engage. This 30% of the polled females also said that if the class or area has mirrors near them they may not participate either. Now the males under a poll stated that having females around engages them to workout longer or continue even if they are finished. This 60% polled ratio of males also polled that they also preferred no mirrors near by.

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December 23

The year is ending and while most are busy eating holiday treats some are starting diets sooner. The new trend is that starting your New Years resolution before the holidays start. Getting your body and mind on track can add in quicker pounds lost. Fact is people can add 5-8lbs during the holidays from fat filled foods, added sugar intake and alcohol. Everything we consume can be a trigger to making us heavier in life. Set a simple goal of 1 to 2 pounds a week. Once you see that you your goals can be met then move it up to 2 to 3 pounds a week. Normal diets say 6-7 pounds a month. If you prefer then measure inches. This is a way to see what locations on your body are losing weight. Many find this method more time consuming and in fact you need another person to correctly measure each area.

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