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March 4

Gym and workout clothing can be a area that should be talked about more often. Popular these days for the woemen are yoga and spandex pants. This is a great way to keep the muscle warm and tight while you go through your rotinue. While you are on and off equipment, mats and changing stretching poses your height of your pants may move. Gyms are cracking down as ass cracks and cheeks are exposed. One gym has a sign posted that If we can see your underwear you will have to change your clothes. Men are also under the scope as shorts and workout pants may leave the man berries hanging out for view. Do a simple mirror check beofre heading out on the gym floor.

Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

march 22

Lack of sun leading the way for depression. Millions of people living in the Northwest face this endless lack of sun and vitamin D. When the day comes that the sun is out go for a walk, car ride or just sit out and get those rays. If you find yourself lacking sun for more then five days then see if you can go tanning or buy a UV lamp for in home use.

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