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May 30

New beef techniques can be a stir of caution when shopping for your meats. A mechanical tenderizer that was used years ago is back in use by about 1/7 of the beef processed in the USA. This is a way that needles are pushed into the beef to make it more tender or tasty. The down fall is bacteria can be now transferred to every piece of meat that those sets of needles punch. The labels are to stated this if process was done to a piece of meat, so look to see if you find that noted. Aberrations are now been seen at markets. The no carb or low carb diets are still popular and should watch closely as this is back on the shelves. This require labeling went into effect May 2016 in the United States. Canada also has a warning label in effect on all meats that are processed in this manner including beef, pork and chicken.

Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

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