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March 5

Sweat on the equipment at the gym is an ongoing issue for everyone. The last person poured his or her sweat all over the seat or back rest. You want to clean it but if you use your own towel that sweat is now going to be transferred to you on your next use. Many fitness and gyms now have placed fines or potential loss of membership if one fails to clean a machine after use.
sweat on gym equipment in
So how does this effect your workout time and experience? Fact is the few minutes you have to stop to clean a piece of equipment can not only add time but your muscles and body have the chance to cool down. This is not what you want during a work out. Your muscles and body will burn more calories once you have increased your heat rate and body temperature. The same comes to if you stand around and wait for the machine to open. Do yourself a favor and more on to an open machine and keep your body moving. Even if it's a machine that you normally do not use. Standing around in the middle of your work out is a DO NOT.

March 26

Juice diet and cleansing is a topic that is getting spun around circles every day. Some say it is a five day process and other seem to feel ten days is the way to go. Juicing is a great way to gain vitamins and fiber but the levels of sugar is high. Blueberries have a great antioxidant property but the sugar level is 15g per cup. Blackberries only have 7g of sugar per cup. So switching over to another berry can save you a great deal of unwanted sugars while trying to loss weight. While the sugar is from natural and has not been processed this factor should be considered while picking your items for your juicing days.
blueberry vs blackberry

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