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July 11

Frozen diet meals have been gaining on the market for popularity. These meals are of convenience and contain huge amounts of sodium. Sodium can lead to water gain and high blood pressure issues. The biggest down fall is the cost of buying them week after week. If you buy a frozen meal for just lunch and dinner you will spend on seven days worth around $65 for the week. You could spend the time to create your own meals amd freeze them in plastic or re-heatable bowls and save 20-30% every week.

July 28

Walk off a pound a week is a hot trend both on line and at many cities across the world. Simple and easy way to just up walk on your breaks or lunch hour and loss just a pound a week. The activity of walking allows you to get circulation in your body going, increase the heart rate for a short period of time and breath in fresh air. Plus the sun allows your body to keep your vitamin D level at a normal level. SO with 4 pounds a month lost you can achieve your goals fast and get your co-workers involved to make it a group and team effort.

Hot Fashion Trend - Yoga Pants It's more then just a workout look !

Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

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