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January 12

New Year and our minds think that this year is the one that we loose those unwanted pounds. TV ads show big weight drops but those examples are rare and if you read the fine print at the bottom the weight loss was over months if not even multiple years. A safe and effective guide line is 1 to 2 pounds a week for a target each month of 4 to 8 pounds in loss. Now the loss of these pounds are spread across your body. You may not see it in your hips and waist as quickly as desired. Focus on the long term goal. If you want to loss 25 pounds then a target should be six months.

Now the big question is that do you count the calories or fat grams. In 2016 you need to also count the grams of sugar. This third factor has been over looked for years. The levels of sugars we consume each day is surpass what our bodies can process. Unprocessed sugars then become fat. Watch our for hidden sugars that we have in juice, pasta sauce, soda, breads, apple sauce, cookies, cereals and other processed and frozen items.

Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

January 19

Sunny day and you do for a walk to work off some calories but is walking really going to help you achieve your goals? A one mile walk in 20 minutes on level ground is just 100 calories burned. Now using stairs or a stair climbing machine in twenty minutes doubles your calories burned. It may look strange to your kids or family members if you go up and down your stairs at home, but it works. No stairs at home then find a parking garage or office building that you can use the stair case a few times a week. Many local malls offer use before hours to walk and use the stairs for exercise. If you factor in three times a week for work outs and reducing the daily intake of calories (1500 for women and 2000 for men) you should see weight loss in about two to three weeks. Target loss each month should be six pounds and a six month time frame is best to achieve a long term goal of 35-40 pounds.

January 30

Nuts have a high fiber ratio and most also have the better cholesterol that our bodies need. So the three that have the highest nutritional value are 1. Walnut 2. Almond 3. Brazilian Nut

Now the downside when buying nuts read the labels as some have coated them in honey, high fructose corn syrup or other added ingredients. Look for those that just are plain or roasted nuts with nothing added. Health food stores tend to have better selection vs chains. If you have to shop at a chain store try your pharmacy style chains that have natural foods in the food section.

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