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August 8

Used fitness equipment is a great way to put oneor two pieces of the gym in your home without breaking the budget. Many couples and even single men and women enjoy having the option to work at home even when they have a gym membership. Jumping on the bike, stair climber or other fitness machine at varied times while waiting for a delivery, family and friends to arrive or just having a few extra minutes during the day can aid in loss of weight or maintaince of current weight.

Many popular classified sites have fitness equipment at half off original price to free. People moving will often give away bulky items. Check the listings on line and at your local grocey stores bulletien boards. I just say a free stair climber that was $1200 and an great deal on a multi-gym machine weights and all for $50.

August 20

Swim away the weight is a great way for people with limited movement and recovering from injury. The body is weightless in the water and your movement is restricted by the water. These water activities are very popular for seniors too. Many gyms that have pools are booking group events or classes to get the members in the pool for some fun and wellness. On line in a simple search classes are found in many major cities. So check out this as an option to start yourself off in getting in to shape.

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Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

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