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April 6

Oatmeal has been a big morning health food for years. Oats 1/4 cup unprocessed has only 152 calories. And most use this food to lower cholesterol by 8-23% over long term use. Gain the fiber and gain your health !

April 21

Oh my I just read the label on my cereal box and saw the chemicals listed. Choice of a healthy breakfast bowl of grains and now I'm learning that it's mainly fortified chemicals that make up the listed nutritional factors. The iron, vitamins and minerals are not natural and the BHTA is added to preserve the product This chemical has been linked in animal studies to kidney issues. So how can these companies get away with putting NATURE or NATURAL on the box ? Looks to be that it's all part of the advertising game and I feel for it. Said to say that we now have to read everything before buying and consuming any product.

Supplements that are made from foods like vegetables

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